Alpaca Trekking Vouchers

Alpaca Walk info.

Our alpaca walks are available in the following format:

Introduction to the alpacas and walk. £20 per Person (1 Alpaca per person - minimum 2 per trek)

In this walk we will give you a short (approx. 15min) introduction to the Alpacas whilst we get them ready and give you some key do's and don'ts for you to observe around the Alpacas and some hints and tips on what they may or may not do ;

after the introduction you'll be introduced to your Alpaca for the walk and we'll set off -

your walk will last around 45minutes depending on how lazy the alpacas are feeling, you may be able to give them a little feed. Feel free to take lots of pictures if you want.

Please contact us for availability. (it is useful if you have a fallback date incase we are unable to accommodate your first choice)

Please Note:

All our alpacas are trained to wear a headcollar and be led; however sometimes they don't always play along so we may have to swap Alpacas or alter the itinerary at short notice.

Likewise the weather can be unpredictable and we'll need to be flexible. We aim to give as much notice as possible in the event we need to cancel and rearrange. Alpacas are very cute animals but even they lose a bit of their charm when sopping wet.
As the walks cover fields and rough ground you'll need to have appropriate footwear and be prepared to dip it in some antibacterial solution to ensure our biosecurity.

There are always hazards when walking around farmland/fields - rabbit holes, pheasants taking flight, hares, rabbits, and various birdlife hiding in the bushes - perhaps the odd deer - these things can sometimes spook the alpacas (and us !) so be prepared for things like these.

Young children need parental supervision and we would expect them to share an alpaca with an appropriate adult. 1 adult per child to ensure things are manageable. .

Remember we are a working alpaca farm and animals don't always do what you expect - please be prepared to be flexible and schedule your time and other activities accordingly! Don't book something which is time dependent for right after the walk!

Extra people ! – As we are a working farm please let us know in advance if you are going to be accompanied onto the farm by extra family members or friends etc. We must ensure that there is someone here for Health and Safety reasons if there is going to be anyone on farm – We may not have sufficient cover for this or they may need to accompany us on the walk for which we will need to make a small additional charge (£10 per person). We try to keep numbers small and unplanned additional people can make it more difficult.

When you book please ensure we have a contact number for you incase the weather is bad etc. and we have to rearrange.

We do have a footwear policy !! Bring good strong footwear – wellies or walking boots are best – Flip flops and high heels are a definite no-no ! We’ll ask you to dip them in some disinfectant to ensure our bio security and help keep our alpacas healthy and happy.

Call us if you get lost and we shall help you find us.

If you are interested in somewhere nice to eat etc. either before or after we highly recommend our friends at Cross Lanes Organics Farm just two minutes down the road from us (they also stock some of our Alpaca products J )


Your Checklist to ensure you get the most out of your time with the Alpacas :-

  1. Good footwear as mentioned above
  2. Warm clothing in case it is a bit chilly/wet
  3. Cool clothing incase is it HOT
  4. Your camera/iphone etc. charged!
  5. Directions so you don’t get lost – we will wait a bit but eventually we will have to set off without you ! 
  6. You ! If your party is coming in different cars please make sure they all know where they are going...otherwise it can all go a bit 'pete tong' !
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