Fabulous Fabrics & Products : Exclusive and Limited

Here at  you'll find beautiful luxury fabrics made in the UK by traditional craftsmen.

Our fabrics, scarves, throws and shawls are woven in the heart of Cashmere Country in the Scottish Borders by our weaver on looms dating from the early 1900's.

We then take our cloth to Yorkshire to be made into our range of hats and caps by a traditional hat maker.  Some we keep right here in Teesdale and our local tailor makes us our headbands, bags and purses.
All of our fabrics are created in very short runs - usually less than 50 yards so you can be assured that the items you buy are from a very limited stock.

Our scarves, throws and shawls are often made in limited editions complete with a hand numbered tag. Consequently when we sell out of these, that's it, they're gone !

When we start the production cycle again with a new batch of alpaca fibre we'll end up with a different range of shades. So, if you see something you like, seize the moment - it may well not be here later!

As we have such a variety of hats,caps and other items we prefer to take orders over the phone - that way we can be sure you are getting the right item for you and that it is in stock.

Often we can arrange a bespoke hat or cap made just for you for only a small additional charge. If we have an order in progress there may not be any extra cost.

Just arrived - Our Limited Edition Merrythought Teddy Bears made to our specification using our beautiful soft alpaca cloth - Only 33 of each of the three cloths - Fawn, Grey and Brown - These come with a little teddy bear scarf (made from our alpaca cloth of course) an adoption certificate and are microchipped. Presented in a lovely box to keep them safe. £175 plus pnp - Please call for more information....more pics coming very soon.

Our Teddy Bears by Merrythought Bears